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5 Tips to Enhance Everyday Moments

Here at Wild Basin, our team believes in slowing down and savoring each and every moment – that all it takes is one simple taste to find magic in the mundane. We want to connect you to the here and now and make each moment more vibrant.

Whether it is the first day of spring, reconnecting with an old friend, or a shared laugh with new friends, these moments may be small, but they are meaningful. These are the distinct pieces of time we love to celebrate.

We love to engage rather than escape and enhance those little everyday moments. Making the most out of memories, savoring them, and sharing them with our tribe are one of our favorite things to do. We crave vibrancy in life and maybe you do too.

#1 Backyard > Bar

Heading to the bar or the local watering hole after the workday is a standard for many of us. Instead of heading inside and pulling up a bar stool at a high-top table, head outside to the outdoor patio space or maybe even venture into your backyard.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Keep it casual with a few friends and good conversation. Whether it is from an outdoor patio or a lawn chair, get out in the bounty of Mother Nature.

While you are at it, crack open a can of Wild Basin and sip the refreshing real fruit juice flavors while basking in the awe and wonder of her majestic beauty. Take time to truly appreciate how everything is interconnected in nature and life. Who knew a cold one after work could turn into an existential experience?

#2 Outdoor Workout > Indoor Workout

We love to get our sweat on. From hot yoga to rock climbing to stand-up paddleboarding, our tribe is all about that everyday movement. Instead of signing up for a local class in your community, switch it up and hit the hiking trails where you can enjoy the clean, pristine, and untamed nature that is the wild. Channel your adventurous spirit and head out with your crew. 


Gulp in the fresh air, invigorate all your senses, and soak in the pure, refreshing, and wild vibes of your very own playground, wherever you are.

#3 Night In > Night Out

A night out on the town is always fun after a long work week, but it can be just as rewarding to find beauty and fun in simplicity. Instead of heading out for an expensive night on the town, plan a night in with your tribe. 


Gather for a game night, make it a movie night, or start an outdoor campfire in the backyard and channel the nostalgia of those sweet summertime adventures. Whether you are making s’mores or popping a bucket of popcorn, a casual night in can be elevated and enhanced into a night of camaraderie and companionship with good drinks, good friends, and good food.

#4 Picnic in the Park > Indoor Restaurant

Gathering with your group of friends for a meal is pure magic, but why not elevate and enhance your dining experience with an outdoor picnic or potluck? Instead of booking reservations at the hottest new restaurant in town, take it down a notch and channel the simplistic vibes of a home-cooked meal shared with friends.

Pick a spot for a picnic in a local park and enjoy a meal potluck style with everyone baking, cooking, and bringing their favorite dishes to pass around the table and share. Illuminate all five senses by being present to the soft blades of grass as you walk barefoot to the picnic spot, listen to the crickets softly chirping in the distance, feel the gentle breeze on your skin, see the glow of the fireflies dancing around the evening sky, and savor each sip of your favorite flavor of Wild Basin.


#5 Playtime with Your Pets > Doggie Daycare

Animals are part of the family. Whether you are a cat person, a dog person, or any animal person, you love the time spent with your furry best friend. You may have to book one or two sessions at the doggie daycare during an especially busy work week, (hey, it happens, they understand), but make up for that with time spent with your favorite friend. 


You could plan an early evening hike with your dog on a weeknight after work or you could carve out some quality time with your cat on the weekend. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the companionship, joy, and unconditional love these creatures bring to your life every day.

Drink It All In


Wild Basin exists to keep you running wild and free from the barriers that get in the way of everyday life. To help you along the way, we are proud to bring you and your tribe the natural and flavorful bounty of the Wild Basin brand.

Boasting real fruit juice, natural flavors, and nothing artificial, we work hard to make each moment in your life more vibrant. Surprisingly delightful to the tastebuds, we want to elevate the moments that matter most to you, our devoted tribe.

Go ahead and drink it all in with Wild Basin.