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3 Ways to Reconnect When You’re Feeling Blah

It is so easy to get bogged down in life. Busy lifestyles, crazy calendars, social engagements. Sometimes we forget to look up. (Us too). Often, we need a push to recognize that connections are what help make life more vibrant.

Whether you live far away from friends or right next door, there are plenty of ways to reconnect no matter your zip code. From the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains to the concrete jungle of the city you might call home, here are three ways you can reconnect with friends, Mother Nature, and most importantly, yourself.


Reconnect with Friends

Friends are some of the most important people in your life. You often celebrate everyday moments and important life events with friends instead of family, but sometimes, life can get in the way of cultivating those meaningful connections that matter the most to you.

If you are feeling disconnected from friends, surprise them with a text message or voice note. Maybe it is a funny memory you two share together over a few of your favorite beverages

Perhaps it is simply expressing how you are grateful for them and their friendship. Repeat with each of your friends and see the magic that comes from reaching out and reconnecting with a good friend. 

If you feel like getting together in person, plan a rendezvous at a local bar for a drink and some food. Who knows, by the end of the night your entire crew could be there.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is the time spent with those you care about. The ones who lift each other up throughout life’s moments and support one another along the way. Now, isn’t that something to say “Cheers” to?


Reconnect with Mother Nature

No wonder many of us find ourselves disconnected from Mother Nature – we do not find the time to spend with her. The good news is that it is incredibly easy to get back in tune with the awe, beauty, and majesty that Mother Nature has to offer.

If you need something super simple, start a backyard garden or simply walk barefoot in the grass and let the energy from the Earth ground you. You can even check out boutique studios in your community as many offer outdoor classes like mat pilates and sunrise yoga sessions, especially in the warmer weather months. 

Slightly more advanced, why not plan a backpacking or hiking trip? You can even camp out with your friends or make it a solo trip with your furry friend. Whether you plan a weekend-long getaway or make it a backyard adventure, you can find a fun spot to camp underneath the twinkling lights of the stars.

The possibilities to get outdoors and reconnect with Mother Nature are simply endless. Whether you live by the beach or mountains or in the city or the country, Mother Nature is available to all.


Reconnect with Yourself

What about reconnecting with yourself? So often, we forget to listen to our own voices instead of others. If this is you, take some to reconnect with yourself by doing things you love.

Spend some time in solitude where you can meditate, reflect and sit still for a minute as you reconnect with yourself. Ask yourself some simple questions like what brings you to life, what brings you joy, and what sparks you? These can all help you realign and reconnect with yourself.

Explore your city, travel to a new town, and reignite the passions within. Maybe it is time you finally grab your furry friend and rent that campervan to live that van life like you have always dreamed of doing. Road trip anyone?

You may even reconnect with causes you care about to remind you of what you care about most. Some ideas may include animal shelters, national parks, ocean conservancies, and sustainability organizations.

Connect with Wild Basin

At Wild Basin, we want to help connect you to the here and now. Why choose to escape when you can engage? We encourage you to dig down deeper and reconnect to the experiences, people, and places that make you innately you.

Go ahead and drink it all in with Wild Basin.